Take Note

Welcome to the Take Note series! Things in life annoy me, people annoy me and people behaviour be it driving or interfering annoy me. Each post looks at a group of people, either a profession or just a group of passers by and explains what annoys me and what can be done to avoid winding me up! If I have missed any, tell me! If there is a group of people or a profession that annoys you, tell me! I will add any suggestions you have! Enjoy!


  1. Ella, When God created paramedics is not anonymous. It is plagerized almost word for word from a mother's day column by Erma Bombeck. Google "When God Created Mothers." This version has been making the rounds for over a year. The person who originally posted obviously did not understand that writing is a labor of love and that publishing another's work as a whole or with a little tweaking, is stealing.

    1. Thank you for this. I didn't know. I've seen it posted in a number of places. I've made an edit to my post to credit the original author. Thank you again

      Ella x


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