Parenting 101

Welcome to Parenting 101! If you are here expecting Super Nanny you will be sadly mistaken! Sorry! That is not how I roll, and although I did employ the naughty step to assist my boy to realise that Marmite was indeed 'all that', I'm not here to give out advice on how to mould your child! We are all different, we have different ways of doing things, have different ideals and all come from different backgrounds.

Sadly, some people will never grow out of stupid. Spending up to 72 hours a week on an ambulance I see my fair share of patients and of those patients, a fair share are children. I see plenty of great parenting but also plenty of SHOCKING parenting. It is this that I am mostly sharing on this page. Parenting 101 is a collection of blog posts that highlight the extremes in common parenting mistakes, be it mistreating injuries to not treating illnesses. It also looks at parental attitudes and behaviour from the bizarre to the outright c-c-c-c-c-c-crazy! If you have any stories to share, or subjects you would like me to blog about, please tell me!

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