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Welcome to the Daily Fail! As a regular feature I'm going to look at distorted articles by the tabloids, namely the Daily Mail, and any other parts of the media that rile me and try and give a balanced point of view from the front line perspective. I'm not saying that we are beyond reproach or above criticism but I read so many badly written, irresponsible articles that wrongly apportion blame, and really need addressing. It really winds me up, reading headlines that firmly point the finger at the police, the ambulance service and hospitals when in reality that is far from the truth.  I'll also be inviting guest bloggers to provide views on articles that directly effect them, in a vain attempt to give the truth behind the headline. If you see anything in the media that you want me to talk about, let me know! I'll do my best to have an indignant rant about it!

A Life Lost, A Finger Pointed - The tragic death of Daniel Cripps

Just for the record - Fast Response cars 'causing ambulance delays' 

Elementary Dear Right Honourable Ann Widdecombe - Sandwiches causing death?

Unhappy Trumpton......Bless! - The Fire Brigade playing up again!


  1. Lovely, all your links point to your old blog and they're all busted because your old blog says to come here. The price of progress?

  2. Problem solved! I forgot about these links! Should be ok now! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  3. I think you and Media Lens should know about each other! (


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