Wednesday 26 February 2014

It's a MAD time of year!

Well well well! It appears that the MAD Blog Awards have returned! How is that possible?! I'm sure I was only at the award ceremony last week?! Last year was amazing! I was humbled to be nominated in the Best Writer category and completely blown away to be one of the 5 finalists. Unsurprisingly, and rightly, the award went to the fantastic @Mammywoo. It was a great evening where I met loads of fantastic people and I'd love to try again this year!

Nominations are now open for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 and obviously I need nominations! So please please please take a few moments to fill in the form! You can only nominate once but you can vote for each category! This year I've been told I've been nominated again for 'Best Writer' and also 'Most Entertaining' so I'd very much appreciate if you could nominate me for both of them! Obviously, 'Blog of the Year' would be nice! 

Follow the link below, give your email address, nominate a 'Blog of the Year' and then nominate me in the categories you think I deserve by simply adding my URL ! Nominations are open until 14th March and then voting begins!

Thanks again for all your support! 

Ella x


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