Friday 26 July 2013

A Summer Break

Hello strangers! 

As most of you have noticed, about a month ago, I vanished! Well sometimes, it is necessary! I did so for a number of reasons and I won't bore you with most of them! I will however, explain why I stopped writing my blog for a little while. It isn't the first time I have disappeared and won't be the last. 

You've read about how we are always looking for the 'proper job'. We want the cardiac arrests, the trauma and the seriously ill. It may put us out of our comfort zone but the long and the short of it, is that is what we are there for. These kinds of job make the other stuff we do and go through worth while. In a warped way other people's misfortune is our job satisfaction. 

A few months back, I moved from ambulances, to working on my own on the Fast Response Unit (FRU). The FRUs are used for the higher priority of calls, so invariably you go to 'proper jobs' with more frequency. You see less mental health, less elderly fallers, less urine infections and less regular callers. What you do see is a lot more cardiac arrests, heart attacks and trauma. This, on the whole has been a good thing.

However, you can get too much of a good thing! I went through a phase, that seemed to never end, where every single day I was seeing death and distraction. I felt like the harbinger of death. Writing a blog about my working life is normally therapeutic, but I found myself not wanting to think about some of the days I was having. If I don't want to think about it, I certainly don't want to write about it! Some things should be left unshared! For now! 

I'm not sure if things have calmed down yet, I still seem to find myself in some of the most bizarre of situations with some of the most horrific injuries I have seen, but I think I am used to it now! 

The weather has also been bloody lovely so I've been enjoying the outdoors and avoiding some of the drama people crave on social media! It's been rather refreshing! 

Anyway, sorry for the sudden disappearance! Thank you for all your messages of concern! 

Ella x


  1. Was thinking only yesterday that hadn't seen you post in a while. Glad you were just taking a break and enjoying the weather.

  2. Bloody good to have you back!

  3. Its lovley to see you back M'dear, I hope all pans out well in the long run for you.

  4. I have certainly missed your blog (and you), was becoming slightly concerned. Hope all is well.


  5. I'm glad top hear your OK! You vanishing not long after your Sync Complete blog post had me really starting to worry about you. Its great to have to have you back again! I'm glad my worrying was all for nothing :)


  6. Glad you were just having a break from it all. I hope it refreshed you :)

  7. Still missing you! You are very quiet indeed lately.


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