Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bloody Immigrants

"48 year old male, cardiac arrest in street, CPR in progress"

Our Greatest Ever Team
It is not often that I agree with anything David Cameron has to say, however, when he describes UKIP voters as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” I'm inclined to agree. They seem to be getting carried away with their recent success but the better known they get, the more skeletons from their dirty closets keep appearing. I have every faith that the great British public will see the light and this will be nothing more than a puff of hot hair and a protest vote against austerity.

It's 2013. Any party that expels their members for being pro gay marriage has no place in politics. However, quotes like “I just wish they would keep their homosexual nature and practises to themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not.” seem part of the UKIP norm. Then again, that is little surprise when UKIP candidates like Alex Wood are photographed doing neo-nazi salutes. How very British! Last night I was told by someone from UKIP that "people fear the volume of immigrants in the UK" and when pushed he said it was "the fear that the UK they grew up in is changing beyond their control. It's just not England anymore." Ah yes, immigrants making us less English! Sound familiar? Sounds very BNP to me! Personally, I think they put the Great into Great Britain.

The England I grew up in was was a multicultural one. I lived in a nice part of the city and went to a good school. In my primary school class there were two boys from Nigeria, one from Pakistan, a few from India, one from Egypt, one from Ireland and *deep breath* one from Somalia! (UKIP voter shivers!) Some of them were born here, some weren't, to some of them English was their first language, to some it wasn't. Who cares?! Certainly as a 7 year old I didn't, they were just my school friends and still are. Perhaps the innocence of a 7 year old personifies what this country has stood for. It doesn't matter where you are from, what colour your skin is or whether you fancy boys or girls, you can be part of this wonderful country. By the way, forgot to say, there was also an American girl in my class but she doesn't count does she, because she's not considered an 'efnik'.

THIS is the NHS. THIS is Great Britain
This country is held together by 'immigrants'. The NHS alone, would implode without them. They do the jobs that these 'proud to be English' types won't do. Rather than sit there scrounging off the state, never doing a days work in their lives, do you see any of them offering to do a cleaning job? Becoming nurses? Becoming police officers? Doing anything to improve themselves or the country? No! They sit there and bitch about all the 'foreigners' taking their jobs. Well jobs don't fall from the sky, you have to go and earn them. The only reason an 'immigrant' has a job is because they applied for it. They met the criteria, did the training and work bloody hard to keep it, in the face of constant criticism and abuse from the uneducated racists this country harbours. 

This country has done a good job of demonising the BNP over the years and quite rightly so. Sadly UKIP has given these racists a legitimate party to vote for and a forum to start airing their far-right views. As far as I'm concerned, UKIP supporters are a bunch of racists who are pleased that their evil ways are being validated by a political party. 'Oh it MUST be OK, the politicians said so,' Well let me share a little story with you.....
Dear UKIP voter, 
UKIP see a turban. The rest of us see 3 coppers.
Last year I was called to a man who had collapsed in the street. A police officer was on scene and was doing CPR. (This CPR would go on to save the mans life.) The patient was a white man with an English name. Do you think he would have cared that the police officer doing the CPR was wearing a turban? Blooding immigrant eh?  
The guy I was working with that day was gay. Not just a little bit gay, very gay. You know the type, the gay that is proud to say he is. Don't worry, he won't try and turn you with his dirty gay ways, instead he will help try and save a mans life (without ramming his gayness in your face). Amazingly it doesn't effect his job, or prevent him contributing to society. He is also one of my closest friends. He may even want to get married one day! *shock horror face* Bloody homos eh?  
We started the resus and another one of our colleagues arrived. English was his second language. He was born in Kenya. KENYA! Proper immigrant eh? He suctioned the vomit out of the patients mouth and then secured the airway. (This action would contribute to saving the mans life) Can you believe he was allowed a job as a paramedic when English is his second language?! I'm starting to understand the fear. Bloody foreigner not speaking proper English eh?
The 4 of us worked tirelessly. We all communicated well together and were working to one purpose. Eventually we got him back! Wow! The guys heart was beating again! And he was breathing? So, me, the gay, the turban wearer and the immigrant got the guy onto the ambulance and rushed him off to hospital. This guy was a fighter. So bloody English eh?  
We burst through the doors of resus. Well this is awkward, the Consultant in charge was not only a woman, but a Muslim one wearing a Hijab! Surely she shouldn't be allowed to wear that?! Not in THIS country. We handed over anyway and she took charge, continuing the excellent treatment this tax paying Englishman deserves. Still though, bloody Muslims eh?  
As I looked around at the doctors, anaesthetists, nurses and HCAs there was a huge mix of backgrounds. Some born in England, some probably were not. Some were brown, some were black, one was even chinese! One might have even been a lesbian. *shocked face* (She may also want a wedding). My gay crewmates gaydar was working overtime! Anyway UKIP, here is a question for you. If this was your dad, your brother, your uncle or your friend would you care that he was being saved by a bunch of bloody homos and immigrants? Do you think the patient would give a dam? Or the patients family? This man lived and returned to tax paying status. His life was saved by the people of Great Britain. 
You really should have a long hard think about that, because it isn't just a one off. This wasn't a hand picked job to make my point. That is every job I do, that is every hospital in the country, that is every police force that protects you. In fact, that is every school, GP surgery, dentist, supermarket, fire service, coast guard, builder and every other single business, service and institution in this country. England is a multicultural country, always has been and always will be. Your racist policies will not stand up. We pride ourselves on the fact that no matter what the colour of skin, sexual orientation or religious beliefs that someone has they are no less valuable or have any less right to be here than you and me. 
Oh did I mention. I'm a second generation Eastern European. I should probably go back where I came from. Bloody foreigners eh?  
Go on, say it, I know want you, don't be shy, all together now.... 
"We are not racists, we just don't want immigrants in our country." 
Well UKIP, without invoking Godwin's law, your party is starting out in the exact same way as the German Workers Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - DAP) began in 1919. In 1920 Hitler became a member and shortly after that it became the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - NSDAP) and we all know how that ended. 
Lots of love 
Ella Shaw (part immigrant, proud brit) x


  1. Wonderful article. Full to the brim with compassion, honesty and humanity. Thank you so much.

  2. I am a white, British male. In fact, my family background is Celtish and Pictish, so I could claim to be "indigenous". I am also a "pleb"...oops, sorry, a Police Officer, and consider myself to be British. By British, I mean that I am identify myself with this wonderful multi-cultural country we live in.
    What a terrific blog you have posted! Unfortunately, once again, our PM is too gutless to stand by his original views in difficult political circumstances at local elections.
    Even if the leadership of UKIP are not racists, it is becoming very clear that there is a growing number of rank and file members of that party who ARE racists and are using UKIP as a base due to its "accepted" political position.....

  3. Ella, loving your work! Truly incredible. I want you to do more and more and more subjects and even more detail about what you see. The great british public do not know the great british public or how they live, wish your bearing witness could be attached to ambulance services officially. 20yrs of this for me and if I had an accident I hope you turn up. You write how some of us only dreamt of. If it feels right then do it. Thank you and most of all get some rest for the most important part of your life. See you on scene when everyone is tucked up in bed and some still tucked up after you go home try and sleep and get back out there.

  4. Fantastic, love your writing!

  5. Thank you Ella! You put it perfectly!

  6. Fantastic, you summed up most right thinking people's thoughts superbly! I'm also a proud British NHS worker who happens to be a second generation immigrant who loves the multicultural nature of both the UK and the NHS. Thank you - made my day!


  7. Another strawman argument from the hard Left. UKIP aren't against immigration per se, they are against open borders and mass immigration of unskilled workers. Your false dichotomies do not work anymore, as can be seen by the latest local election results. Stop smearing UKIP and get your own house in order.

    1. Aaah, I wondered when the racists would appear. The local election results simply showed the number of closet racists that exist in this country. You can justify your vote however you like, it doesn't change what you are. By the way, I'm not far left, but I suppose that's what you lot call people who aren't anti immigration.

    2. Ella, do you have any other responses other than racist?

      Explain how I am racist. If you do not back-up your allegation, then it is false.

      And you are false.

    3. I don't need other responses. My views are thoroughly explained in the blog post. UKIP are a group of open homophobes. Your councillors openly have said that 'being gay is not normal and shouldn't be rammed down our throats'. You had a candidate doing a Neo Nazi salute on his social media page. Another told me on twitter that 'UKIP fears the immigrants already in this country'. The UKIP policies are racists. UKIP is a breeding ground and a forum for BNP sympathisers to air their foul views. Want any more? I am not false. If you vote UKIP, you are doing so because you agree with their policies. If you agree with their policies you are a racist homophobe in my view. Why don't you all get badges made which say 'UKIP: We are not racist' because rather than talk actual politics with a view to helping this country recover you have to defend you parties bigoted ways. No smoke without fire.

    4. Labour have ex-BNP councillors. UKIP don't. By your logic, Labour are a racist party.

      Chris Huhne got done for palming those speeding points off on his wife. By your logic, all Lib Dems are perverting the course of justice.

      One person who votes for a party who has a view on a particular issue does not mean that the party holds that view.

      If you can't accept that, there is no hope for your broken mind, Ella. You can't even seem to discriminate between controlled immigration and mass immigration. Your mind is a cesspool of chaos. Sort yourself out.

    5. A phobia is a fear. I fear no man. Homosexuality is abhorrent in the extreme and you don't need to be a UKIP voter to feel that way. "No man should lay with another man as he would with a woman." If you believe it to be right that's your choice. Your belief doesn't make it right though.

    6. 21:33. Some people have defended UKIP in these comments. Unfortunately for the ones that argued well you have single handedly undone all of their argument. You are a truly dispicable human being. Your vile opinion have no place whatsoever.

    7. Will: Back of the net! That is indeed what they are so I have allowed your comment twice! Makes them twice the arsehole!

    8. 20:45 You're being naive if you think UKIP is supported by 1 or 2 racists. Its a vast majority. Coming up with clever little anecdotes to try and make the other parties racist is comical. My point is, UKIPs policies are racist and homophobic. Anti gay marriage IS HOMOPHOBIC. Blocking ALL immigrants for 5 years IS RACIST. You may not be a racist, you may not be homophobic but by supporting and voting UKIP you are sympathising with their manifesto and are part of the problem. Not the solution.

    9. UKIP would block PERMANENT SETTLEMENT for 5 years, Ella, so you haven't done your research there. No surprise. They will not halt immigration, they will reform the immigration system to one which is more sensible and controlled, something in the order of 50,000 a year (as it was before New Labour).

      So your 'racist' assertion has once again been disproven.

      Being anti-gay marriage is not 'homophobic' at all. Again, you've set up another false dichotomy. Equality is a concept promulgated by the liberal progressives; it is idealistic and, to be frank, nonsense. Most people in UKIP believe that civil partnerships were sufficient and they would reform the tax benefits, etc., of same-sex partnerships to make them equal in a legal sense. This is a truly moderate stance, since it draws a balance between giving gay people equal tax breaks and other benefits and prevents offending faith communities. IT also prevents any potential negative ECHR cases when gay people moan to the ECHR about churches turning them down for marriage.

      People have different views on homosexuality, Ella. I will never see it as normal, but I have no problem with gay people leading their private lives. To force people to accept it as equal to heterosexuality is akin to fascism, something which you profess to be against.

      Having this truly moderate stance on gay marriage also gives the British public an alternative to the 3 progressive liberal parties LibLabCon. That's democracy.

    10. Wow Lenny, you really do talk some crap! Nothing has been disproven in the slightest. All you're doing is singing the UKIP anthem 'We are not racists'. Clearly you've said it enough that you believe it! Your foul opinions are not wanted here. The fact you equate equality to fascism says it all really! I pity you I really do, to have such a closed mind must be such a disability and make your life really angry. Oh, good use of the big words, did they come from UKIPs 'word of the day' toilet paper? Or is that just their racists homophobic manifesto. Easy to confuse. I'm waiting for your 'we are not racists' reply. Pathetic. Bore off.

    11. Oh and Lenny the homophobe, good point about it being a democracy. Luckily this country is well educated and informed enough to never allow UKIP to be in power or be anything other than an extremist group of far right immigrant and gay haters.

    12. Ella, you're the closed-minded one here, which has been proven for all to see. I feel very sorry for you, because you obviously lacked independence of mind when the left-wing ideologues got their hands on you. Did they get you young and make you watch lots of videos? Have you been on a common purpose course?

      You are typical of the progressive liberal mindset, Ella--you're tolerant of all points of view, as long as they are the ones which you have, too.

      Can you please inform us all, how many immigrants per year do you want to see come into the UK? Do you think there should be any limit whatsoever?

      This should be good.

    13. Are you sure, Ella?

      So why is the media (including the BBC) going so hard with the anti-UKIP bias (did you see Question Time?)?

      It seems like the establishment are running scared, and so they should be--their cards are marked, if the recent local elections are anything to go by.

      LibLabCon have failed the UK for decades. That's not even up for debate. Most people who still vote Tory and LAbour are only doing so out of habit. Watch and learn, Ella. Watch and weep. UKIP are coming for you Barbara. Look, here comes one now!

    14. Love how lenny and the Anonymous poster above are quoting verses from a book 3000 years old and full of murder and incest and calling it "truth".

      UKIP is without a doubt racist and homophobic regardless of how anyone wants to paint it otherwise.

      Equality is something we all strive towards, we want a fair society where we can love who we want and choose to live where we want. Immigration is good, illegal immigration is not the best but people can turn it around when given a chance. Don't let a couple of idiots tar the name of the rest of the immigrants who come to this country.

      I'm chinese but I was born a UK citizen in Hong Kong. I now live in the UK because I like the pace of life here. I work hard and contribute To the future of our NHS working for imperial college london. London would collapse overnight if every single immigrant left.

      and lets not forget the true british are the welsh as technically all supposed native "english" are Anglo-saxon's who drove the welsh to Wales, and the danes after who settled from daneland here. This a nation was born from the immigrants of far off lands. learn some history Lenny and the anonymous person above before you start quoting fact.

    15. Closed minded?! I have an independence of mind, one against discrimination. I believe that no one Should be treated differently because of their sex, race, religion or sexuality. It takes a closed mind like yours to think any differently.

      As you can see on the UKIP supporters who argued their points well, I replied and thanked them for their input and took on what was said. You however are an ignorant pig and as such will be treated like one.

    16. As I have said in comments, it shouldn't be an open door policy. People should bring value but there as just as many white British people who scrounge from the system. Errors were made on immigration in the past and labour, the Tories and lib dems recognise that. Do you not read the news? Or do you just read the UKIP manifesto over and over?! I will not be publishing anymore of your comments. Not because I don't want people to read what you say but because I can't be arsed to waste energy arguing with a bigot.

  8. I think a lot of UKIP voters are less anti immigration and more anti European Union making things difficult for us, if it wasn't for the EU known terrorist inciter Abu Hamza would have been deported many years ago. While it may only be one example i use it because it has been in the news a lot over the last few years, there have been many terror suspects that we have been unable to deport because it goes against their human rights, to hell with the human rights of those that have died as a result of their hate of the western world.

    Of course there are other people that vote UKIP that dislike immigrants that do no work, and live on benefits, have many children that also are paid for by the state. As a whole the British nation i believe do love the immigrants that work hard and help society. I am a UKIP voter in the local council elections, partly as a protest as you suggest, against the failure of the mainstream parties. Destroying our NHS, our economy, our poor, our children's future. I'm 28 and i work for an ambulance NHS trust, yet i know i will never own a property, i can barely afford to feed myself and i only used heating for short periods during the winter as i just do not have the money, yet i am entitled to no help from the government, yes i am bitter that the rich get richer, that the immigrants that do no work and hang around the streets all day are by far better off than i will ever be, but by no means am i a racist thank you.

    Not to mention that recently in the news we have heard how a lot of immigrants do not want to mix with white British people and create area's that are completely segregated, it is no wonder the British people are angry and voting for non mainstream parties. What alternative's are there other than UKIP? But no matter, in this farcical political system, it would take 25% of the british nation to vote UKIP for just 1 MP, so you have nothing to fear, we will continue with our open door policy.

    1. Your open door policy allows the majority or your member to be BNP sympathisers. It allows your candidates to do neo-nazi salutes, it allows your members to call homosexuality a disease. Your open door policy allows these people to stay. However, it doesn't allow members to be pro gay marriage, they are ejected to that. The UKIP policies are archaic, as a member of a political party, namely UKIP, you are agreeing with their anti gay, anti immigrant policies. It really does shock me and worry me that you work for an NHS trust with such a homophobic attitude.

    2. Wow. So a UKIP voter who doesn't understand that the European Court of Human Rights has nothing to do with the European Union (The convention, and its court, predate the EU/EC significantly).

      And a UKIP candidate who wants to do a Nazi salute, but is too stupid to tell his left hand from his right.

      I can agree that the electoral system is farcical. And a damn good post, once again!

    3. Obviously you failed to read what i wrote, in no way am i racist or homophobic and i also pointed out to you the lack of other options on who to vote for, Labour got us into this economic mess, Conservatives wish to privatise the NHS and punish the poor in society, the Lib Dems sharing power with the conservatives have proven themselves to be a joke.
      You may abuse me as you wish but your assumptions about my views on gay marriage are very wrong, it's a shame that one that claims to be an educated person can be so narrow minded and brings down an argument based on mud slinging, shame on you.

    4. I said that as your party that you have chosen to support sympathises with racists and has flagship policies that are homophobic then by voting for them, you are agreeing with their policies. I never claimed to be educated either. If being disgusted by a party who has neo nazi sympathisers as members and who openly wants to kick immigrants out of this country is a 'shame on me' then I'm happy. Shame on you for being so narrow minded to think that UKIP is the answer to this countries problems. Labour were in charge when there was a world wide recession. The Tories and LibDems are trying to fix it. UKIPs policies are simply trying to get the bitter vote. Their policies have absolutely no foundation or benefit to this country.

    5. Apologies Anon for not knowing the European court of human rights had nothing to do with our membership in the EU, i would suggest there are a large amount of people in the country that would not know this.

      However my other points do remain, i love immigrants that bring variety, skills, money to the country, i still and never will like the immigrants that come and feed off our benefit system, i feel that we should only allow those that have a job to go to, to live in the country. Like many other countries adopt as their policy.
      As Ella did not realise with my post, i am glad to have available to us the skills brought into this country, in terms of Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Architects, cleaners, farm labourers etc.
      I just do not wish to have those that bring nothing good, we have enough of our own white British that feed off our benefit system and abuse our NHS, we don't need everyone else's.

    6. What about political refugees? What about he skilled workers who are made redundant? Do we say 'sorry, off you back to your country now'. Your wish to stop benefit scroungers isn't just a UKIP policy. The Tories are trying to do it to. As are the other parties. Gone are the days where you can put people on a boat and ship them off somewhere. The world doesn't work like that.

    7. The European Union is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the European Convention on Human Rights. You're not even close to being correct.

    8. What rubbish. Signing up to the ECHR is a pre-requisite for joining the eu. New members also have to agree to take the euro as their currency.

    9. Having to sign up to the ECHR before you can apply for membership of the EU? That's just like your golf club imposing conditions on your entry and ongoing membership.

      You are at liberty to wear silly clothes irrespective of whether you join a golf club or not - just like Norway is a signatory to the ECHR but they are not part of the European Union.

    10. Well said Mental Health Cop! Wish these numpties would think before they speak!

    11. Thank you for calling me a numpty Ella, yes my idea's on how to change the country for the better are different from yours and yes i don't know everything about politics, however i stand by my point that i am disillusioned with mainstream parties, i work hard and contrary to your belief i work without discrimination, i pay my taxes and i am entitled to no help, despite the difficulty i find in keeping my head above water, just trying to pay bills and feed myself. No one is willing to help me but those that come, breed, never work get all the help they need, it hurts and i feel it needs to stop.
      You speak of those that are made redundant, well i put it to you that the policy of only letting people into the country that have a job goes to works very well in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, so why can't it work here?
      I used to very much enjoy your blog, but it appears you can not see other people's arguments or feelings without perceiving them as racist, homophobic and in my case, a danger to the NHS i work for.

    12. Ash, I was calling the Anonymous a numpty about the ECHR comments. If that was you then I'm sorry for name calling, things got heated on that day. Please understand I am not saying that you personally are a racist or even a homophobe. I agree with you about free immigration unchecked is wrong but I feel very strongly that UKIP is NOT the answer. UKIP misleads about what they are about in a number of areas and a lot of what they claim is factually not true. I'm sure you have this countries best interest at heart but I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends and UKIPs homophobic stance is one I detest. Thats why I called them racist and homophobic, because their policies are. You may not be, but by voting for them you are acknowledging their policies as acceptable. Sure, I'm against the EU and I think immigrants should be skills unless they are political refugees but again, UKIP is not the answer in my opinion. `

      I appreciate that you like my blog, and on most topics I am open to discussion. I feel extremely strongly about gay marriage and also detest the BNP and EDL and as UKIP seems to be picking up their following I'm not able to have a reasoned discussion on this. I do hope you come back and I am sorry If I offended you. We'l have to agree to disagree on this.

    13. I am not Anonymous, no, perhaps i need to look more in depth into UKIP's background / candidates to see this for myself, i find racist and homophobic views deplorable. We had an EDL march in the area i work some year or so ago, maybe 2 years, time flies all too fast and they were very unwelcome by many, i guess because UKIP is so much in the media and have guest spots on news chat shows they appear on the face of it much more credible than maybe they are.
      I feel as though the Conservatives do not understand the problems the majority of the country face, i voted Conservative in the last general election, but i feel it was a mistake, I wish for massive regulations on banks, i don't understand how they can let a bank which is 80% owned by the tax payer have bonuses paid to their staff despite making massive losses.
      I hear people say global problems caused our recession, the world recession, but i also feel it was made worse in this country because Labour did not regulate the banks, Gordon Brown sold off half our gold reserves for such a low price, not long later that increased in price from the $350 - $400 to over $1400 an ounce.
      So i find myself wondering who can i vote for? Who can i trust with the country? I just don't know.

    14. I share your views on everything you've said. Everything! I haven't a clue who to vote for. Labour cocked things up but realistically the will get my vote because like you say, the Tories don't get it! I see your point about UKIP being an obvious choice because of the lack of other options and for those voting for them for honest reasons like yourself, I'm not placed to criticise. As I've said, despite some of their policies being good for this country in theory, there is also too much which is very right wing and extremist! IMO! Sorry I got stroppy!

    15. Thank you Ella, it's ok to be stroppy, i forgive you :) You are clearly a very passionate person, particularly on this topic. I agree with you on your points about extremism, racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination is completely intolerable in this country, in this day and age. Perhaps Labour may be the way forward, i'm no fan of Ed Milliband, but yea i hate the Tories very much, maybe because i work in the NHS and to me it seems his "The NHS is safe in our hands" doesn't appear true to me.
      Looks like i can still look up to you and hope to be as qualified as you one day :)

  9. I'm an Australian paramedic.
    Frequently I get told about "Boat-People" and the hear asylum seekers ("illegal immigrants") be demonized taking over our bloody country, living off our hard work by stealing our welfare, and never working a day in their lives.
    I always offer to stop treating them, being the child of illegal immigrants and all (haven't yet had one take me up on the offer, instead they seem to back-peddle and struggle as they choke on their words).
    I'm glad my parents made the journey. The country I should have been born in is not safe for my people. Instead I grew up in a wonderful country and take every opportunity I can and give back when I can.
    Amazing how the ill-informed back peddle when they meet one, and are being treated by one. Just wish they would start learning from the encounters.

    1. If UKIP had their way all our 'efniks' would be shipped over to Oz on a boat! We all live on the same world. We get one life. Why should we be constrained by the country we were born in when there is a whole world to explore!

  10. Both I and my husband as well as our older daughter were born in the UK (like umpteen generations of our families before us) but it so happens our younger one was born in Germany. We returned to Scotland when they were still at primary school. During the holidays they got to know the neighbours and played happily until they were asked by the father where we had moved from. Germany they said. Two hours later when they went back they were told to go away. I went to ask if they'd offended in any way, I was sorry but his children had said "See you later...", the girls weren't used to making appointments to play. "That isn't the way we do things HERE" I was told.

    Strange I thought, but dismissed it. Until school started in mid-August. After a few weeks they were having stones thrown at them on the way home from school and were being called names. "Nazi bitches..."

    It transpired that the grandfather came from Poland. The son had been born in Scotland, so had the boys. Our name is very English, we sound very English, we expected problems with that. But living in a country apparently makes you that nationality and the father passed on his family's inborn hate and had given his children permission to shout anything they liked at these vile German immigrants, they did it in front of him. Some years later there was a class survey in geography and these same children were stunned to see our older daughter put up her hand as one of only about half a dozen who were born locally.

    Racial hatred has nothing to do with skin colour - and even less to do with the truth. It is a foul prejudice. There are rubbish people of every nationality. But as the senior school headmaster finally said when he dealt with a resurgence of the bullying (which the junior school denied): "Being born in a stable doesn't make you a donkey."

  11. Excellent post as always.

  12. Excellent post as always.

  13. Ella you are one of my favourite bloggers and I feel this blog is below you. You show to me the discrimination you claim I show to others.
    I have no problems with gays - I just cannot understand the need for the complications of changing the law on marriage when civil partnerships provide equality under law. I also worry about the rights of religious ministers of all faiths who will, if we change the law, be forced to perform same sex marriages that are totally against their faith. The existing law in the EU insures this will happen - to Christians, Jews, Muslims all alike.
    I have no problem with race - in my immediate family I have seen marriages to people from at least 5 different nationalities and of different faiths too. My concerns are we have 2 and half million people in this country who do not have a job most of whom are trying their hardest to get one - skilled immigrants are not an issue but continuing to have people who have no skills and who will join the 2 and half million unable to find work is just insanity.
    Please do not suggest I or my family are too proud or lazy to do scut work - I have 2 sons doing A levels and getting up at 5 to ride 4 miles to do paper rounds and one son doing GCSEs with and a paper round - the youngest legally cannot do the round yet and is jealous. Both the older boys did every bit of scut work thrown at them on work experience and both walked away with solid job offers only they wanted to continue in education. I am on benefits - I have fibromyalgia and employers tend to go off me when I collapse after a week because of trying to hard. I have self taught myself basic web design and am working on programming and hope to go self employed doing a job I can do from my bed.
    I am UKIP because I cannot as a person who believes in freedom and democracy not leave the EU unopposed. It is the sort of bureaucracy that makes the old USSR look almost benevolent.
    I am UKIP because I believe this country has limited resources and we need to MANAGE who does and does not come here - not stop them because of their skin colour or faith but consider whether there is work for them.
    I am UKIP because I want to go back to the sort of multi cultural society you described growing up.

    1. civil partnership is unequal because people daily make the distinction between marriage and civil partnerships. same but different is NOT the same, but of course it doesn't affect you so you wouldn't know. perhaps if one of your sons turn out to be gay...also your fears for the poor ministers is unfounded and the UKIP propaganda has well and truly worked on you. when the gov first floated the idea of marriage equality the intention was for it to be CIVIL marriage only. no churches or religions involved...however many churches and religious denominations WANTED to perform same sex marriages because believe it or not but plenty of `gays' also have faith. the churches themselves demanded that the government marriage equality bill included the ability for them to perform same sex weddings.
      the CofE however demanded extra legal assurance that they wouldnt be FORCED to perform ss marriage and as a result the govornment specifically BANNED the church of england from holding same sex marriage ceremonys
      guess what? they objected to the ban and proclaimed it unfair in case they should change thier minds...i.e in case people spent more money on weddings in other more welcoming churches.
      please try not to swallow every bit of rhetoric you get fed by your party.
      oh and as a side note, a ukip candidate in somerset was handing out leaflets on how gays and bi sexuals were seeking to destroy family life and damaging children. how very open minded.

    2. Sphinx - Thank you, I know your a loyal reader and I always appreciate your comments and I hope you continue to read after this post. However, clearly we disagree on this matter. I'll address your points as best I can.

      Gays. I fail to see on the one hand you can say you have no problem with them yet on the other say they can't marry. The incoming law is clear. No religious institution will be forced to offer gay people a marriage. Simple. When I got married it wasnt in a church, it was in a registry office but it was a wedding, not a civil ceremony. What is wrong with two gay people, who you don't have a problem with, getting married, as equals, to the rest of society?

      I've seen many of the 2.5 million people trying to get a job. My employer recent advertised for a team of people to help prepare ambulances for shifts. These people did not apply. I see them at work, living a life on benefits and living well. I am not saying there are immigrants who are not. They are. And it is a problem that people are coming here to free load but the vast percentage are coming here to work and earn a better life for their families. It depends how you view this world I suppose. We are all on the same planet and we get one life time to live our lives. Why should we be constrained to the borders in which we were born. Its a postcode lottery on a different scale. If americans, australians, Kiwis and any other English speaking nation are working alongside us, doing our jobs, no one batters an eyelid. If their skin is different or they have an accent it changes the mentality and wrongly so. UKIP only stands to damage this country and are demonising ALL immigrants under the guise of only attacking the ones not working. UKIP are not the only party wanting to curb immigration by the way. They are just the ones who want to do it to the EXTREME.

      I am not saying you or your family are lazy in the slightest. I am saying by being a UKIP voter / supporter /sympathiser you are buying in to their racist and homophobic ethos and that is an ethos I vehemently disagree with on every level. That is why I strongly disagree with your statement that this blog post is below me. In fact it is one of my best and one I am most proud of. As a third generation immigrant, as part of a chequered family of races and religions and as some of my best friends are gay and lesbian I will not stand idly by whilst UKIP spouts racist homophobic tosh. See Anonymous, 21:33. Point made.

      As I say, I do hope you return despite our opposite opinions on this subject. Thank you for you well argued, non offensive comment.

    3. Jools: Thank you! Some good points made!

    4. Sphinx, can I just point out that actually, in English law, Civil Partnerships do not offer a 'like for like' equality with marriage. In contast with Section 1 of the Matromonial Causes Act 1973, s44 of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 has no provision for the dissolution of a CP on the grounds of adultery and a CP can not be declared void if there is failure to consummate it, as is the case with marriage.

      This is a direct failing of the CPA 2004 and effectively ignores the issue of gay sex. If the legislature does not recognise the act of intercourse between same-sex couples then how can we say that the government, and by default, society as a whole has actually accepted the idea of homosexual relationships and legal partnerships, whether you want to call them marriage or something else?

      Yes, the CPA 2004 confers some important basic financial and legal rights to same-sex couples, yes, it is a huge step forward, and yes, why do we need to worry about adultery when we're 'getting hitched?' Just don't for a minute try to say that it shares commonality with marriage, because it doesn't. It might just be small print in statute, but what it signifies is far from unimportant.

    5. Well said Ben! Back of the net! The silence in reply is deafening!

  14. sorry ella, i meant to say what a great blog this is but i got caught up in a rant. brilliant stuff. you are fast becoming my fave blogger.

  15. Ella,

    You are obsessed with this concept of equality. Gay relationships *are* different to heterosexual ones. If you lack the discriminatory faculties to acknowledge this, then I truly fear for the quality of our education system.

    Men are equal but different to women. You can't just say, men and women are the same. The obviously aren't.

    Vote UKIP.

    1. and once again Lenny. I'm different to you therefore I must be wrong. A childlike opinion that should stay in kindergarten.

      We are all equal and if you know anything of psychology you would know that being Homosexual is something you are BORN with not choose to be. Even in the animal kingdom where all the faithful cite as a place where there are no gays due to "gods" will there are homosexuals (male giraffes out of season).

    2. Lenny - different, yes. Does this preclude equality though? Mainstream feminism generally recognises men and women to be different, however equality is about rights and protection despite this difference, and about accommodating it. The same should apply to the gays.

      I fear that when you say gay relationships are "different" you actually mean inferior, or less deserving of recognition than heterosexual ones. That's fine, and I'd be the first to recognise your right to hold those views whether they correlate with mine or not. But I'd be interested to know where that stems from, do you believe that homosexuality is wrong, or just that it should be something behind closed doors, we're free to get on with our lives, just aslong as you don't have to see it? Does your idea of "different" reveal a closed minded insight into gay relationships? Obviously we are all public toilet abusing, semen-swapping, multi-partnered carriers for HIV.

      The majority of gay men and women are nothing like this (but could I also jump on a 'rights' bandwagon and point out that if people wish to engage in that sort of behaviour, then it is their prerogative to do so) and are just asking to be treated as an equal in the eyes of the law. I have my biases, we all do. When I go to work I try and leave them at the front door.

      Different yes. Deserving of equality? You don't seem to think so. Forgive me for wheeling this one out, it's a bit obvious, but, do feel free to brush away the hand of the gay doctor when you have your first stroke or heart attack, however somehow I think it won't matter to you then. Enough hatred.

    3. Boom! Ben, your'e my hero you big cottager!! ;-)

  16. So you fight for justice by wishing death on people who happen to disagree with gay marriage.

    You are such a humanitarian, Ella!

    1. As you can read I didn't wish death. I wished you to rot which as you are well aware is a turn of phrase. Grow up and stop being so scared of gay people. They won't bite and they won't try and turn you. They are also unlikely to try and get married in your precious church! Why are you so against equality?! IT DOESN'T EFFECT YOU IF THEY MARRY!!

    2. I'm curious to know why Lenny is so against gay marriage? How would that change the way you go about your day to day life? Whether 2 men or 2 women want to get married really has nothing to do with you? Stop being so egotistical and think everything is about you.

    3. He's against it because he's a scared homophobe with a small mind!

  17. I couldn't have said it better myself. Finally, someone who seems to get it. I work for a department where I am 1 of 4 Asians and the only girl Asian. English is actually my second language, but listen to me talk and you wouldn't even realize I'm Chinese until you actually see me. It's the nature of the job, I get it. But that being said, I worked hard for it. Go ahead and feel threatened and entitled all you want. I'm here to stay.

    PS - I just started reading your blog and I love it!

  18. I have only one problem with certain medical staff, those who may not have English as a first language and who don't actually speak or understand it fluently enough to effectively do their job. Don't get me wrong, if I could speak a second language half as well as most people I've met in the health service, then I'd be more than happy... But there are the odd occasions where not only have I struggled to communicate with an NHS staff member, but other staff have also struggled, because they simply didn't have the lexicon, let alone the slang/lay terms that are commonly used. It just worries me that, in an already pressured environment, mistakes are even more likely to happen. In my case, I was given a consent form for surgery with incorrect information, because the consenting doctor's English was not good enough to differentiate between a cystoscopy and a cystectomy! That should be a never event, surely?

    But it's down to competence to do the job, not racism. Oh and UKIP are either closet bigots, or totally misled by their propaganda.

    Sorry for the late response, but I've only just found your blog and I've been reading all night LOL!


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