Saturday 16 March 2013


So, a month or so ago marked the start of the 2013 MAD Blog Awards. I knew that as a parent I kind of qualified but as my blog is hardly a parenting blog I didn't think too much of it. Then, I got a few tweets saying people had nominated me. Then, a few more, and more, and more! I was amazed! So I posted a little blog telling my readers how to nominate and left it that. On miserable night shift last week I got a text message from a fellow blogger. It simply read "You're a finalist bitch!". I replied "Shut up.....". It turns out she was right! Of the 100,000 nominations received you lot had given me enough nominations to be one of the top five finalists in the Best Writer category. I am not only truly amazed but totally and utterly humbled! Thank you so so much. It really does mean so much to me. 

When I started blogging I received a fare amount of hostility from other bloggers and ex-bloggers in the  EMS world and I almost stopped blogging. That was until I discovered the mum and dad blogs. What a welcoming community they were. Full of support, tips and ideas and since then I haven't looked back. That is what the MADS are about. Community. We all blog for different reasons and take different things from blogging but being even just a small part of such a friendly bunch of people has been great. 

I'm up against so top top blogs and as nice an accolade as it would be to win it is highly unlikely. However, you got to be in it to win it as they say so now I'm a finalist, please vote for me in the Best Writer Category! 

You can do so by following the link below! Once again, many many thanks to one and all who nominated me. It means so much.

Ella x


  1. I've amended it accordingly! Lol! Thanks hun! x

  2. Voted! I also nominated you - you so deserve to win. I'm gutted not to be shortlisted this year (I won fashion category last year) but rest assured you will have an amazing ride - it's so much fun and the other bloggers are awesome! xx

  3. I voted for you! And nominated you too! I was gutted not to be shortlisted this year (I won fashion category last year) but rest assured you'll have an awesome ride and the other bloggers are loads of fun! Good luck! x


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