Monday 25 February 2013

An Ode To Will

"Happy Birthday to my little friend that likes boys"

This is a short blog and has no medical relevance and nothing whatsoever to do with my job! It is simply to say happy birthday to my friend and loyal reader @halloikbenwill! He's been a reader since day 1 from the age of 17 as aspires to become a Paramedic! Today he turns 19 (which I hate him for) but I promised to post him a Happy Birthday blog for all his help with getting my out there! 


Happy Birthday Will!!!

Have a fab day and don't forget to post my blog on your Facebook page. If you don't I will hunt you down! If you don't follow him already, I suggest you do! This is why I love him!
"Who the FUCK decided to call it a sphygmomanometer? WHO?"
"Your mothers fathers fathers uncles great grandmothers aunt was Irish... You're American. Not Irish."
"I want a giraffe"
"If you get cat pee in your eye you will get pregnant and die"
"I don't like bowling. Or Beyonce #Superbowl2013 #SuperbowlXLVII#SuperBowl"
"I want to show Tom Daley my tweets and by tweets I mean my penis"

Need I say anymore?! Happy Birthday young William! And don't forget, a bear is for life, not just for birthdays.


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