Saturday, 1 September 2012

You Tell Me

“19 year old, assault, head injury”

There are times in your life where you just have to say ‘whatever’ and move on. Be it with family relationships, spouses, work or whilst trying to argue your point to an Indian call centre; sometimes the point comes in any uphill battle where you just give up and walk away. Today was one of those moments.

We were called to a park by the police for a guy who had been in a fight. We arrived to a sea of blue lights, lots of coppers and various chavs scattered around. As we got out the cab a couple of cops came wandering towards us with our patient. ‘Patient’ is probably too kind... specimen is more appropriate. 

He was wearing some beige chinos which were elasticated around the ankles, some navy blue Toms with no socks and the most garish of Ralph Lauren polo shirts in the most ghastly mustard yellow colour. To go with this rotten ensemble he had a huge diamond (fake) stud in each ear, a gold cross round his neck (he so isn’t religious), an Omega watch (fake) too big for his skinny wrist and various tacky sovereign rings on his fingers. To top it off he went with one of these new types of baseball caps, I think they are called ‘Lidz’ and was wearing it to one side. He walked with what looked like a limp but I am reliable informed this is called a ‘bop’, he had lines shaved into his eyebrows and when he spoke he sounded like a cartoon character with something sticky stuck in his larynx with an awful grasp of the English language. Anyhoo, he ‘bopped’ past us in his handcuffs, up the steps and into the ambulance. 

The copper told us he had been punched, hence the cut above his eye but that was all they knew. He also told us that he had a chip on his shoulder and a hatred for all uniforms.

“Good luck!”

Well, this should be fun! 

“Right, what’s happened this evening?”

“You tell me, innit”

“Well I don’t know, I just arrived, that’s why I am asking you.”

“You’re the doctor.” he said in a very cocky tone.

“No I’m not, just tell me what’s happened.”

“You tell me.”

“Have you been punched?”

“You tell me.”

“Did you lose consciousness?”

“You tell me.”

“Why won’t you answer any of my questions?”

“You tell me”

“You’re acting like a child, just answer my questions and you can leave.”

“What did you say to me bruvs? WHAT...DID...YOU...SAY?”

“I said you’re acting like a child.”

“Don’t test me bruvs, I will cut you.”

I looked up at the copper and raised an eyebrow. He laughed!

“Firstly, I’m not your ‘bruvs’, secondly, you’re not going to do anything, now just tell me what’s happened.”

“You tell me” he chuckled to himself.

“Do you want us to treat you or not?”

“You tell me BRUVS.”

“We are done here.” I said to the copper, “He’s acting like a child.”

“Don’t step to me bruvs, I’ll end you, you fucked with da wrong nigga innit (he was white), you bes watch your back, I’ll be der waiting, do you know me, do you KNOW me?”

“You tell me...”

With that, he was grabbed by the handcuffs and dragged off the ambulance, staring at me the entire time. As he reached the bottom step he spat towards me and kissed his teeth. All that did was get him bundled to the floor. What a foul little animal. 

When did our youth end up like this? Why is there such little respect for any uniform? The Nanny-state we live in has allowed this Chav culture to breed and fester. They have quickly become well regarded as the rednecks of Britain. They have far too many rights; they know the law and the police can do very little. Parents do nothing to stop it and even schools allow it to continue. There is no discipline anymore; back chatting is tolerated and every figure of authority faces a struggle to impose themselves on these thugs. It makes me so angry looking at them, listening to them and being around them. Watching the death of the English language is horrible to see and a stand needs to be made before it becomes irreversible. Can you imagine these cretins working in the media; presenting TV programs & writing articles?! 

“Yes bruvs, welcome to the News at 10. Safe.” 

Their intimidation and aggression strikes fear amongst many and their threats of violence means they mostly go unchallenged and avoided. They hang around street corners drinking and smoking; generally causing a nuisance to all that go near them. They are parasites and should be treated as such. This ‘culture’ needs stopping in its tracks. 

Now, where do we start? You tell me...


  1. I always thought it was Council House and Vermin...

    I agree on the seemingly ever faster decline of the English language. I hear the 8 and 9 years old chavlings talking and it's so terrible. Tens of thousands of years of evolution and we seem to be becoming unintelligent pondscum.

    1. I just hate the way they talk more than anything. I don't think the behaviour is new. I think that has been around a while. It's the image and the talking!!

  2. Agh, I feel your pain, what a nightmare. I hate this sort of language and behaviour, it's so pointless. What do they hope to gain? I have family in the police and I know they find it disheartening that so much of their life is spent mopping up after chavs who have no respect for themselves or anyone else. I take my hat off to you! (It's not on backwards)

    1. Respect is a huge thing and they have none!

  3. You had to deal with an ignorant little sh*t,not nice but I raised 4 kids in a council house and as a single Mum(not by choice),all of them work,one is an accountant another a midwife,another is a carer in a nursing home and my son works nights whilst doing an OU degree they also have a great deal of respect for police and ambulance personnel,unlike yourself who seems to be tarring all residents of social housing with the same brush.We aren't all lager swilling animals with wigga accents.

    1. The only mention of council house in the entire post was 'Council House And Violent' as the acronym for CHAV as found on Urban Dictionary. Can you explain this please:

      "they also have a great deal of respect for police and ambulance personnel,unlike yourself......"

      Do I not have respect for police and ambulance? Did I miss something? This blog was about the use of the English language. My only mention to 'lager swilling animals' was of chavs sitting on street corners drinking (which they do). I didn't say these people were all residents of social housing at any point nor do I think it. Clearly you and your family are not the people I am referring to in my post so I don't know why you have taken offence to what I have written.

    2. I would give Anonymous the benefit of the doubt. I think she took your ill-advised definition of Chav to be disrespectful of her and her family and in her anger did not take sufficient care in her response. You had written:

      "The Nanny-state we live in has allowed this Chav (Council House And Violent) culture to breed and fester."

      You cannot write the above and then simply claim you didn't slight residents of social housing; I'm sure you didn't intend to but a moment of 'lazy writing' had just that effect.

      It's rather ironic that while bemoaning the "death of the English language" you should then use an Urban Dictionary as a point of reference. Language, and especially the English language, evolves over time and this can be reflected in such dictionaries. However, in this particular instant your reference point may be incorrect. In an admittedly brief piece of research I have not found the definition you refer to. While by no stretch of the imagination would I call this BBC news item 'definitive', it does appear to reflect the consensus:

      I seriously have every respect for what you do both in your work and in your blogging. It is almost impossible to avoid the use of labels but when applying them to people you have to be very careful. By that I mean not unintentionally misrepresenting your own views.

    3. Point taken. My reply came when I was hot headed and in a bad mood so to Anonymous, I apologise. I am sorry if the tone of my blog was against people in social housing. It really wasn't meant to be. It is a problem that has spread across the social spectrum in a number of cultures.

      Chris. It was lazy writing and came from taking a week away to write a bit but with no internet. I had my phone as the only resource! I sometimes do misrepresent my views and what is in my head doesn't translate to the page. Read 'Huffing and Puffing' to see the furore the miswording of a sentence caused! My use of Urban Dictionary was only because I didn't know the meaning of a number of words I had heard, it wasn't meant as a literary reference but it was where I stumbled upon the definition. I know it isn't where the word derives from and I should have made that clear. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the constructive criticism. Far to often people who share a different view or just want to criticise or attack. Thank you.

    4. I have removed Council House And Chav from the post. It didn't add anything and was just a snipe. Sorry if it caused offence x

  4. I agree about the council house not think that is the is the parents that cannot see past their "little darlings" doing ANYTHING wrong..... the kids (and the parents) need a good kick up the a**e. I was and I brought my kids up to be respectful....fortunately it is the minority that are like this but it is becoming more commonplace. I work within one of the emergency services and there are days I come home feeling so 'wrung out' after trying to talk common sense into alledged human beings. You always find the ones that have done wrong in the first place assume the the rest of the human race owe them a living even though they will not do anything (like work) to help themselves. Rant over as I could go on and on and on !!!!!

    1. You are right. It is parents who are allowing it continue from the clothes they buy them to the language and attitude to go unchecked. A lot of it is peer pressure but it spreads.

  5. I fully agree that the decline in proper use of the English language is terrible and that a lot of the misuse of it is young people. What I find even more embarrassing though is when health professionals text me to remind me of an upcoming appointment and use text talk. An example of this would be 'just a reminda u av an apt wiv me 2moro'

    1. That is bad! *cringe*! I hate that! I always text in full with punctuation!! I suppose it stemmed from the old character limit but that's gone now, it's just laziness!

  6. These kinds of individuals don't represent humanity let alone most social housing families it is just sad how their vision ends at the tip of their own noses, they don't care about anything but themselves and miss out hugely. just wish more answers were there.

  7. "When did our youth end up like this?"

    They didn't. The vast majority of the youth of today are decent kids. It's unfortunate that emergency services only come into contact with, and reports of, these feral little shits because it stops us from seeing the decent kids that are out there.

    Before I became a student paramedic I worked for the police and came into contact with a large amount of the youth in our patch - of the 2000 young people in one of the local schools we would regularly deal with about 10 of them. I'm pretty happy that that's the percentage we were working with.

    Admittedly that's not a representative sample nationwide as I know some schools will be higher, and some lower but it does highlight that we just don't come into contact with most of the youth of today.


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