Wednesday 11 July 2012

If you don't mind!

Hello one and all!

Firstly, a massive thank you for the continued support, kind words and lovely comments you all give me. I really can't thank you enough! 

Now, to the point......

I have recently been told by a few people that they have nominated me for a Digital Media awards through Mind charity's upcoming Media Awards. As you know I have a keen interest in mental health so the fact that some people felt my writing was worthy of a nomination was touching.

There are a number of categories in the awards, the one that I am eligible for is the Mark Hanson Digital Media Award.  If you have the time or inclination to nominate me, please please do! All entries must be received by midnight on Friday the 13th July so please hurry!!

To nominate me, click the link below. Write your nomination in the box at the bottom of the page titled 'Digital Media' saying why you think I deserve it and include a link to a post you like. Below is a list of mental health blogs I have done which you can copy and paste into the nomination. 

Mental Health Blogs:

Pass the Donkey
Mental Health in an Ambulance
Snap out of it
No serious, leave it with us
The Irony in Crisis
OCD, Tree & GPs
Mental Health: No ones responsibility
I'm up against many many great writers, authors and journalists so it's unlikely i'll win but it's so nice to be mentioned!

Thanks again, really appreciate every single one of you

Ella xx


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