Thursday 21 June 2012

3 am

This is an ambulance blog right?! So, you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to guest post for Big Fashionista! She is a powerhouse in the blogging world so it was a real honour to be asked to write for her ,but what about?! Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, her much vaunted Nom or Vom?! Luckily for me, and probably you too, it was none of the above! She just wanted a blog, about a job I've done, that I wanted to share with her many readers!

"18 year old male, fall from height, cardiac arrest"

3 am is a cold, dark, wet, blood soaked account of one of those nightmare jobs that stay with you. Go have a read on Big Fashionista's website and while you are there enjoy some of her fabulous posts!

A big thank you again to Big Fashionista for inviting me on to her blog. I am not ashamed to admit that I did a happy dance when no one was looking!

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