Wednesday 4 April 2012

And The Winners Are.....

The March competition has come to a close and it's time to make the draw! Every entrant was assigned a number and 5 numbers were picked by a random number generator. I've added the screen shot of the results in the interest of fairness! The numbers were assigned by the order in which they tweeted their entry. 

01 @art_of_serenity
02 @DitchDocRN14
03 @Yellow_Van_Man
04 @wilkotwig
05 @oldburymrso
06 @p_a_r_a_medic
07 @ChippyLyn
08 @pheonix_rising_
09 @deefer_dog
10 @HelmutGrein
11 @Mrs_Lifesaver
12 @clc2304
13 @halloikbenwill
14 @paramedicSA
15 @TomDimmock
16 @Martin_Papworth
17 @reckydecky1989
18 @colette_powell
19 @URCherry
20 @999TraumaAngel
21 @Petrolhead999
22 @LilPingu999
23 @RosemaryJCherry
24 @pixie_toes
25 @KatieMagnet
26 @Colinp02
27 @ali_bumgo
28 @BookwormMummy
29 @PJ_and_Doo
30 @StairliftWit
31 @Beanstalktam
32 @da_big_fish
33 @marksonofwil
34 @@gaz140987
35 @drew_DH1
36 @justinthetree
37 @yvon_gib
38 @Dizzy_LJ
39 @sneakysquirrel
40 @chocolatewig
41 @bendyben88 

Thanks to all that entered! If you are one of the lucky winners please email where you would like it sent to and your mug will be sent out ASAP! 

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