Wednesday 14 March 2012

Walk-in, Drive-through or Both?

"46 year old male, cuts from broken window"

It was a busy Saturday night like every other Saturday night. We'd had a steady flow of the usual when this popped up on our screen. The location was at a drinking hot spot in the centre of town. We headed over, slurping down the last few dregs of our luke warm hospital coffee, and were greeted by a scene of absolute carnage. It turns out that the location was a kebab shop & it was full of late night revellers queuing up for their post beer Doner kebabs. There was a large crowd gathered outside, about 50 strong, most of which flagged us down as we came into view. Oh yeah, there was also the rear end a car hanging out the front of the shop!

We stopped in the middle of the road, partly because there was nowhere else to park and partly because so many people were stood in the road flapping their arms around. With the adrenaline was pumping and a suitable adjusted emergency face we power walked over, expecting to find multiple injuries on multiple people. Everyone was shouting at us and I couldn't make head nor tail out of anything I was hearing. It was crazy!

"Right, if you are not injured or not directly involved with whatever has happened, please move away and wait for the police"

Nothing! No one budged, and with the considerable amount of alcohol running through most of their veins, no one shut up either. Luckily the boys (and girls) in blue came screeching to a halt outside and dispersed most of the onlookers swiftly. Now it was triage time. My crew mate was already dealing with one of the kebab shop staff, treating him for some small cuts to the hand. 

"Right, who else needs medical attention?"

I looked round at the 15 or so people who were left in and outside. Nothing! Not a twitch! No one had a scratch on them, despite the car completely demolishing the shop front, the glass counters, the grills and burners. Incredible! We finished up with our 1 patient and left him at scene. What made this job all the more amusing was the circumstances surrounding the car ending up using the kebab shop as a drive through!

A family of 3 had parked on the opposite side of the road, the mother and daughter and gone in to get their food whilst the dad waited in the car. In a moment of sheer brilliance he had decided to turn the car around and park outside the shop. Mid-manoeuvre he had tried to brake but in his haste his foot had slipped off the break pedal and on to the accelerator. From that point he simply ploughed across the pavement and parked the front of his car in the salad bar. There's being impatient for your food and then there is taking matters into your own hands! I'd love to know how long he spent in the doghouse after that little stunt! Massively awkward!

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