Tuesday 31 January 2012

Goodbye, Mr. Bond!

"28 year old male. Fainted"

We were called to a very busy high street in the heart of the city. Its a hustling and bustling place, multicultural and diverse, countless bars, restaurants, cafes and eateries. Our patient was a waiter as a very busy Moroccan type restaurant. It appeared packed inside with an outside seating area, equally full, where people were smoking Shisha pipes. We were met at the kerb side by the patient. He stepped straight onto the truck. He appeared well but I wont judge!

He told us he had had a near faint. It transpired that for religious reasons he was fasting so hadn't eaten all day. Working a long shift in a hot restaurant hadn't helped. He was fully recovered but we did a full work up anyway. Everything was normal, he didn't want to go to hospital so we did our paperwork and sent him on his way. We gave him a copy and explained that it forms part of his medical records so he was to give it to his GP at his earliest convenience. He agreed, folded it and placed it in his pocket. He then asked if I could tell his boss that he needs a rest and should go home. I agreed. We followed him into the restaurant.

We hovered around the entrance waiting to talk to someone. Our patient had vanished so we were stood like lemons for what seemed hours just waiting for his manager. After 10 minutes, a very serious looking guy in a suit came over to us.

"The big boss will see you now"

Sounds a bit daunting but OK! He beckoned us to follow and we did. We went up a very large, wide,  winding staircase. It all seemed a bit bizarre but this was just the tip of the iceberg. We reached the top and the guy in front opened these large, high wooden doors. We walked through, the room was huge, yet empty of furniture. A blue sky was painted on the ceiling, where what I assume were paintings on the wall were sheets covering frames. Directly opposite us was a middle aged man, sitting on a chair with a small table in front of him. His legs were crossed and he was only a white cat short of saying 'No Mr Bond, you must die'! There were 2 chairs positioned next to him.

"Come sit"

Alarm bells started ringing in my head. This wasn't normal. We tentatively walked over and as we did I heard the slam of the door behind us. It became all to apparent we were now in a situation which was potentially rather dangerous. We sat down. The 'big boss' removed the PRF form we'd given to our patient out of his top pocket. There goes confidentiality!

"Is he using illicit drugs?"

I wasn't expecting that! Despite not being aloud to discuss our patient, due to the position we were in, I decided to answer.

"Not that I know of"

I explained we were only here to advise he shouldn't work anymore today and that we really needed to get off. On cue the doors swung open and our patient walked over with a tray. We were served mint tea and baklava sweets. I burnt my mouth trying to drink the tea quickly. Me and my crew mate shared repeated looks of angst. My finger was permanently perched on the emergency button of the radio just waiting for something to go horrible wrong. I sensed this guy was sizing us up and trying to work out what our game was, not that we had a game. I just wanted my mummy! I then heard a cough from the other side of the room. As looked up and about 30ft away in a darkened corner was a man in a suit standing next to a door. The way he was standing led me to believe he was guarding said door. And he wasn't just a man. He was a man mountain. At least 30 stone +. What on earth needs a guard above a restaurant? You know what, I don't want to know. I was aware my palms were sweating and all I wanted to do was leave. I knew my crew mate was sharing my sentiments. Whilst we were continued to be questioned about our patient we sipped the tea and ate the sweets as fast as we could. My mouth was hurting but I didn't care.

"Will your bosses be wondering where you are?"


"So why haven't they called......?"

He's made a valid point. EOC are forever sending 'welfare checks' when you've been at hospital too long or you are dragging out your last job on scene. They check on you as guise to tell you to hurry up. Now we needed a welfare check they didn't care! Typical! I took my radio off my belt to look at it while I came up with a reason for their apparent lack of concern. 

"I'm assuming they are busy"

And then it clicked, I held down the button on our radio which shows us 'green mobile' for another job. I just hoped we would get a job quickly so we could run off! To my relief the radios started vibrating and beeping.

"Sorry, gotta go!"

We quickly headed over to the door. It was locked. Enter the pitted feeling of dread in my stomach. I turned round as if to gesture 'what the hell.....' and the lock clicked and the door swung open. We darted out, passed the guard by the door and down the stairs. What the hell was all that about?! Who behaves like that?! What do we do now? Report it? Report what? We were invited inside, given tea and cake and then ran off! Was it all one big overreaction?! If it was, I don't care!

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  1. That is sooooo weird! What did you do?? Any follow up?? xx


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