Thursday, 10 November 2011

Seat belt, Seat belt, Seat belt

"27 year old male, great friend, great husband, great father to 3 young boys, great son, great guy, didn't wear his seat belt. RIP my friend"

It has only been 3 days since my friend died. It's still very raw.  It's perhaps too soon to blog but it's my way of dealing with it and a tribute to a good man. A good man who paid the ultimate price. If one person who reads this blog puts on their seat belt who wouldn't have otherwise then it's worthwhile. 

It was just another morning, another day, another dollar. As he had done every day he stood at the end of his road, waiting to be picked up. Waiting to do an honest days work. Waiting to support his young family.  It was an overcast morning, the road was wet. From what I know they stopped for breakfast before the 45 minute drive to work. Somewhere along their route something happened. What, I don't know. I may never know. The vehicle careered off the road. As is a natural human reaction the driver instinctively swerved himself away from the lamp post. He succeeded. The impact  was on the front near side. The passenger side. The driver had his seat belt on. My friend didn't. He was ejected from the car through the windscreen. His life, in that instant was over. I shiver with sorrow as I try to imagine the final thoughts that went through his mind. The faces of his beautiful family, the life he could have led.

He was declared dead at 08:27 on the 7th November 2011. From that moment his wife was a widow. His three young boys were without a father. His parents had lost a son. His brother had lost a brother. I had lost a friend. I have asked myself the same question over and over again since I received the news. Why didn't he wear a seat belt? And that cannot be answered. He normally does. A moment of madness, a lapse in judgment, distraction by conversation. I don't know. We have all done something stupid whilst driving. Changed the CD, turned to your passenger, lit a fag, driven when tired. It happens. All that means is we got away with it. He didn't. I'm not going to berate him, he's learned his lesson and paid the ultimate price. As have his loved ones. 

I'm writing this, with the full consent of his family. A family consumed with grief but a family wanting his short life not to be in vein. The reality is, everyone knows they should wear a seat belt. Everyone knows the consequences of not wearing one. Hopefully this tragedy will stand as reminder that no one is invincible. That one time you don't wear one could be the last. Please please please wear your seat belt. Don't run the risk. Life is precious, hold on too it with both hands.

Goodbye my friend, you will always be loved and never forgotten. Please rest in peace. See you around xxx

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  1. A very harrowing story but it happens. Personally i always weara seat belt and also don't use a mobile which is just as bad. Ironically the only time I did forget to wear one I passed two police women on foot patrol who gave me a somewhat dirty look. I stopped and put it on and didn't get booked.


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