Thursday 13 October 2011

Once is enough

"32 year old male, Fall, Head Injury, Serious bleeding, ? Intoxicated"

As i'm sure you can imagine, seeing this on the MDT produced a deep inhaled breath, followed my prolonged exhalation of dread! This had all the makings of your typical friday night drunk. A few slurps of coffee and off we went.

The location was a pub in a grim part of the city, not an area I was familiar with, nor an area I ever want to be familiar with. As we pulled up we could see a few people milling around a man on the bench outside. He was indeed bleeding from his head. He didn't look like a pleasant chap, but I was always taught not to judge a book by its cover.
"Hello Sir, i'm with the Ambulance Service, can you tell me what's happened this evening?"

With a slightly cross-eyed sway and a look up and down he eventually fixated on my face. A few seconds past where I can only assume he was focusing!

"Why don't you just fuck off?"

So, with a spring in our step, we picked up our bags and did exactly that. Once is always enough!


  1. Yessssss . Good for you . Lol .

  2. Totally agree with jimbo26, I would have done the same as you did.

  3. Yessss. Nice one x


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