Thursday 13 October 2011


"22 year old female, Having an emotional breakdown, throwing things around, states not throwing things at anyone, just around the room, also threatening suicide, does not have a weapon but is in the kitchen so could grab something, there are knives, she is now holding a knife, do not approach"

Now, as you can see, the darlings in control have taken a full history already, they know exactly what we are walking into, they know it's volatile and dangerous, they know that with this information we will wait for police and don our stab vests. The only problem, as I'm sure you are all too aware, is that computers have glitches. The particular glitch which caused the issue on this job was one of timing. The updates that the call taker was getting did not make it to our MDT until after we had entered the property. This is what we got...

"22 year old female, Having an emotional breakdown" 

With this information, we did not wait for police, we did not don our stab vests and most definitely did not expect to be greeted in the kitchen by a 12" knife.



  1. I never enter a scene without an update, verbal or MDT as like you have been put in situations of extreme danger from slowly updates. You only live once

    1. Thing is, the call had completed and there were no red flags. We rarely get updates as normally the call has already been waiting for allocation all the info is there! Lesson learned!


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