Saturday 15 October 2011

Pizza and ambulances

We all know the problems with pizza delivery guys. They fly through traffic with out care or consideration to themselves or other road users. They weave in and out of traffic jams, swerve round patestrians crossing and are generally a menace to everyone. However, we like them.....

"RTC, Car vs Moped, 23 year old male, Papa Johns delivery driver hit from behind"

When this job springs up on the MDT there are 3 things on our mind.....
  1. Drive fast, we don't want to be cancelled for a nearer vehicle
  2. Drive fast, we must be first on scene, before the police
  3. Drive fast, there might be free pizza
Morbid and cruel yes, but a hot meal is like a blue moon in the ambulance service, so the treat of a squashed, hot, free pizza is an opportunity not to be missed. Yes, the primary concern is the patient (depending on levels of hunger!) but still, thats just the way it is.  On this particular occasion we were indeed first on scene and there was pizza on board (nothing worse than an pizza RTC post delivery!). Lots of it. 1 x Large pepperoni, 1 x Large Meat feast and 1 x Veggie supreme, 3 sides and a bottle of coke. 

With the huge amount of pizza weighing heavily on my mind, a rapid and concise patient assessment was necessary. The guy wasn't injured, a few scrapes and grazes etc. but he did want to be checked over, so we took him to our local walk-in center. We handed him over to the nurse and went back to the ambulance...

...where we feasted like royalty!!! I love this job!!!


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