Thursday 20 October 2011


"25 year old male, RTC, Car vs Traffic Island, Injuries unknown"

A while ago we were driving along a single carriage way on our patch. It is a bendy road and traffic invariably travels faster than necessary because of this. I find the increased danger of a road is inversely proportional to the speed at which people drive on it. On this particular day, it was first light, the road was wet and there was a slight fog descended upon us.

The road in question is about 4 miles long, no major roads join or cross it until the very end. We were trundling back to station when a £300,000 silver Porsche Carrera GT sped up behind us. He flashed his lights, I assume to show displeasure at our stance of sticking to the legal speed limit. Where he wanted or expected us to go I don't know. You can't just move a 3.5 truck out the way on a narrow road!! Anyway, we continued trundling as did he with his inane flashing of headlights and beeping of his horn. I may be guilty of dropping off the gas slightly but hey,  who wouldn't!!

The 'prat in a Porsche' made a number of attempts to overtake me. His first 4 or 5 were foiled by streams of oncoming traffic adding to his bizarre frustrations! Eventually he passed, treating us to an array of mouthed obscenities and hand signals to let 
us know exactly how much he hated us. All this did was make us laugh and laugh we did. He sped off into the distance, right arm hanging out the window, flipping us the bird! What a tool!

Like previously mentioned the road is a long one, there were still a good 3 miles to go so with spirits high and 'The Rat Pack' serenading us we continued on our journey. A few minutes later we rounded the final bend, and there it was........


Our early morning happy camper was standing on the side of the road, mobile phone to his ear, staring at his beloved Porsche, wrapped around a traffic island. Oh, what a shame! We pulled up, I'm sure our smugness and satisfaction was perfectly visible, but nether the less, consummate professionals we are, we offered our services.

"Are you OK sir? Are you hurt, do you require an ambulance?"

"No I don't" (I decided now wasn't the time to remind him of manners)

"Are you sure? We can check you over if you like"

"I'm fine, leave me alone"

"OK sir, have a good day!"

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  1. Brilliant. I often see drivers like this, I too drop the gas to P them off more. I secretly wish karma would hit them later down the road but have not seen it yet!


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